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irish soccer jersey

Many signed jerseys are signed by players haphazardly and quickly. When you have a whole team signing the resulting names can cover very odd parts of your jersey. Sometimes you can even have the more famous names at the back of the jersey as well as the front. This is one of the first parameters we assess when we develop a design whose aim is to maximise the full impact of the jersey at hand.

This is also one good reason why we like to see each jersey before we advise on design. Depending on the additional info or memorabilia that a client wants to include in the designed jersey frame we then see how this is best presented. Often at that point we look at graphic design and photo editing. The art of infographics plays a large part in designing effective captions and text.

We look then at colours. The aim here is not to overpower but to let the jersey "tell its own story". The mount colours and shapes add subtle but beautiful context to the jersey. The frame likewise is carefully chosen but often simple whites or blacks are all that needed. We next look at glazing. We find out where it is to be displayed and under what conditions ie kinds of lighting, exposure to UV, public or private area, security risk and other factors. Also we assess the appropiate hanging systems for the frame. Choices include security fittings which prevent your frame from being taken off your wall, fittings for very heavy frames, command stickers, hooks, d-rings etc, etc..

When you come to frame that important jersey or photo or print we are careful to advise and offer you those options that makes it easy for you to choose. Confident teams make for excellent teamwork and results. Call to us in Matt Talbot Road in Tralee or phone 066 7181496.


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