Welcome to The Quality Framing Co picture framing service. We bring the luxury of custom jersey framing right to your home & business. Take a look at our Gallery of design-led sports jersey frames below.

Send us your team jerseys, and more... and we’ll courier you back a unique, quality work of champions ! We'll send you a pre-paid package to retrieve your item and then ship you back a framed masterpiece within 5 - 10 business days. Your order will arrive ready-to-hang.

What Makes Us Different?

Why select our jersey framing service? Why do our custom jersey frames look different to others? Well, we offer you Design, Value & Convenience. So, the first thing we do is assess the jersey to be framed. From this we consider the following three design objectives. These are our three ways we make sure your valuable jersey looks the best.

Objective 1: We Maximise the Visual Impact

Team Colours: the team colours & printed fabric of the jersey are the most obvious design element we play off. We use mount colours, backing graphics, mount textures from a collection of over 500 coloured mounts boards.

Mount Design: every jersey frame we do has a unique AutoCad mount design. The cut windows, v-grooves, embossing and pen tool work add subtle but beautiful symmetry to our jersey frames. We aim for compactness, balance and unusual small touches in our compositioning.

Full Effect: when we assess a football jersey frame our aim is to maximise the full impact of the jersey at hand. Most jerseys need folding & all need pinning & many are signed haphazardly. Diverse solutions we apply include photographing signatures within the jersey frame mount design.

Objective 2: We Build in the Memories

Photos & Misc items: sometimes our clients just want the jersey framed but more often they want team photos, programmes or tickets included too. If there are just a few items we cut into the mount. When they are many pics our frame designer & graphic designer make up a montage.

Infographics: when there is a lot of misc info such as fixtures, squad names & player positions we use infographics. This is where your data & details gets made attractive, simple and easily understood.

Banner Media: bold graphics highlighting the club crest (or sponsor logos) are the banner signage of our jersey frames. Our graphics department uses a range of technologies including dye sublimation, giclee fine art papers and laser engraved media to effectively tell the ‘story”.

Objective 3: We Protect with Panache

Deep Rebate Moulding: often a simple deep rebate white or black picture mouldings are all that needed for the actual jersey shadow box frame. For higher end jersey designs we often use handmade deep rebate frames from Italy. These are profiles made from the best by the best!

Glazing Options: there are many kinds of glazing options for a high end picture framer today. Each material has its purpose. From glass that reflects as little as 1% of light (ie. practically invisible) to glass that protects against UV up to 99%. For courier/mail orders we use non-breakable artshield.

Display Hardware: here we choose the best hardware for your picture hanging. Hardware incl. security fittings which prevent your frame from being taken off your wall, fittings for heavy frames, etc.. Our professional Picture & Art Hanging Systems & Picture Framing Hanging Service are other options.

How much does it cost to frame a Jersey?

Executive Plus
Hall of Fame
€ Quote Only
€ Quote only
Dedicated designer
Bespoke mount design (CMC)
Layout proof(s)
Display (front or back)
Ironing (Optional)
Qty of Jerseys per frame
Custom Frame
Box frames- White/Blk, Silver
Colour Liner (ie. + inner frame)
Italian Handmade - various
Mounts (Colours)
Conservation Standard
Whitecore mount
Gold/Silver Foil mount
Linen/Suedette mount
Museum grade mount
Sports Medals
Graphic Design
Photo Image Editing
Engraved Plaques
Photo Montage/Graphics
Photo Image Restoring
Picture Glass
Regular (Collection only)
Acrylic (default for Couriers)
Museum 99
Picture Hangers
Security Fittings (Optional)
Free Shipping

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