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Oal Picture Frame Hilton Hotel by the Quality Framing Company

I saw this lovely deep rebate natural oak picture frame when I stayed overnight in the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham airport recently.

The hotel was actually called the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and it had a simple elegant Swedish natural style to the decor. It looked impressive. I 'll add more pics later.

We custom make these frames ourselves. They are more expensive than the more common limed & stained picture frames but they possess beautiful natural wood veneers.

Our Norwegian Collection has many shades of wood- maple, walnut, ash, etc - and many mimimalist profiles and size widths. Do call in and we can provide samples.

These natural veneer bespoke picture frames are very much the choice of our contemporary themed  homes owners clients and commercial businesses.

They look so fresh and natural and are made to last.

Call us on 066 7181496 to learn more or call into our showroom in Matt Talbot Road, Tralee to be given more advise and see our displays.

- The Quality Framing Company


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