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Copperplate Etching | Pauline Bewick

A one-off copperplate etching from Ireland's most iconic artist, Pauline Bewick.

The print size is 17'x15" approx and the outside picture frame size is 28"x31" approx.

The following info on the Etching art process is by the artist-

Etching was introduced in the early 1500’s and as a method of printmaking, it is, along with engraving, the most important technique for old master prints, and remains in use today.

Etching is a process which uses acid to make marks in a metal plate. Once the plate has been etched by the artist the whole plate is inked up and then wiped to remove the surface ink from the plate, leaving ink in the incised areas only. The paper is dampened so that, under pressure, it will be squeezed into the inked recesses of the plate.

This limited edition of copper plate etchings are signed, numbered and can be commissioned to be hand tinted by the artist, Pauline Bewick, in her Kerry Studio.

See some more of the artist's work on her official website.

- The Quality Framing Company, Tralee.

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A Beautiful Deep Rebate Oak Picture Frame in Hilton Hotel

Oal Picture Frame Hilton Hotel by the Quality Framing Company

I saw this lovely deep rebate natural oak picture frame when I stayed overnight in the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham airport recently.

The hotel was actually called the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and it had a simple elegant Swedish natural style to the decor. It looked impressive. I 'll add more pics later.

We custom make these frames ourselves. They are more expensive than the more common limed & stained picture frames but they possess beautiful natural wood veneers.

Our Norwegian Collection has many shades of wood- maple, walnut, ash, etc - and many mimimalist profiles and size widths. Do call in and we can provide samples.

These natural veneer bespoke picture frames are very much the choice of our contemporary themed  homes owners clients and commercial businesses.

They look so fresh and natural and are made to last.

Call us on 066 7181496 to learn more or call into our showroom in Matt Talbot Road, Tralee to be given more advise and see our displays.

- The Quality Framing Company

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Castlerosse Hotel Gallery Wall

This is a Gallery wall we designed for the Castlerosse a well known period hotel overlooking the Lakes of Killarney.

It detailed the fascinating history of its former residents including Lord Castlerosse and many members of this old Anglo-Irish family.

And of course the historic 1885 visit of the Prince & Princess of Wales holidaying party.

We reproduced old photos and lettering & framed in an elegant gold & black edged frames arranged to fit the lounge wall.

This is a beautiful place to stay.

- The Quality Framing Company

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Memorabilia Sports Display Case

We designed this display case for a client who was presented with two Australian AFL balls by Sydney Swans legend Tadgh Kennelly.

Both were separately cased with a custom pedestal incl. a caption.

These are a great alternative to box frames which struggle to contain & display extra deep memorabilia with compact style.

We design these cases for virtually any size 3-d item of value.

- The Quality Framing Company

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Picture Hanging Installation in Bryce House, Glengarriff

We recently hung some period art with security fittings in a beautiful old house under the care of the OPW and the state on Garnish Island. 

This Edwardian house, near Glengarriff in west Cork, was the home of the Bryce family from 1910 until the death of last owner Roland L’Estrange Bryce in 1953.

We have an extensive range of picture hanging fittings and art gallery systems.

- The Quality Framing Company


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Canvasses up to 1x3 metre Printed 2-3 Days |

Extra Large Canvas The Quality Framing Company Tralee

We print on matte and glossy canvas 350g including wraps or frames.

All inks are archival and colour managed & editing of images & graphic design also available.

We print inhouse so our quality is consistent.

The canvas is popular because it gives a painterly look to all photographs but increasingly other media such as aluminium & fine art papers are gaining the favour of specialist users.

The image in our pic was taken by photographer Tim Smith, who is renowned for capturing that part of West Kerry around Castlegregory & The Maharees.

Image is Mount Brandon & is available directly from Tim Smith.

- The Quality Framing Company

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Newly Accredited Epson Digigraphie Printing Laboratory

Just to say we gained this important fine art printing quality standard accreditation recently from Epson.

It involves the specific use of archival inks, certain endorsed fine art papers and calibration and spectrophotometer equipment.

All these ensure the results are of the very highest quality.

Call us to learn some more how you can benefit from this internationally recognised stamp on your art, photography & prints.

- The Quality Framing Company


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Imagine the Wild Atlantic in your Living Room ?

Slead Head Wall Decor

Well, you dont have to imagine it any longer. We can do it.

We source the image you are looking for and print & get installed.

It is a new powerful medium of decor.

We take care of everything.

Call us now on 066 7181496 or call to Mat Talbot Road, Tralee to learn more.

- The Quality Framing Company


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minitiure watercolour

The artist was Ronnie Moore.

We have framed many paintings by this much collected watercolourist over the years.

Here we used a thick lacquered white frame with a textured off-white mount which had a single line grooved or embossed around the window.

Every wall needs a bit of beauty.

We don't just frame pictures but in a very real sense, we design pieces of house jewelry for your home.

Jewels are by their nature beautiful to behold.

They add character, class and personality to what they adorn.

That's what we try to do one piece at a time in the space you live in.

- The Quality Framing Company

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The 2016 Ryder Cup in Hazeltine in the USA Bespoke Frame

golf frame hazeltine

A Gift by a wife for her husband who attended the 2016 Ryder Cup in Hazeltine in the USA.

This custom frame included all the great pics of the event and the souvenir programme, medallions and the flag of the host country.

- The Quality Framing Company


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How we make Important Art to Last & look Beautiful !

bodhi frame

We framed this for a customer awhile ago and she was delighted.

The elements within the frame incl a beautiful painting of a bodhi tree and prayer beads, a stone and a flower.

The Om symbol or icon was cut into the mount and underlaid with an appropiate orange mount.

The frame itself was deep and distressed beige in a laquer finish.

We arranged the various elements in the overall design to create a pleasing effect.

The glass used has less than 1% reflection glass for maximum visibility.

It also has properties to protect against UV radiation in natural sunlight which degrades open artwork over time.

We therefore framed these valued items to conservation standard for protection (Fine Art Trade Guild Std.) as well as carefully designed for aesthetic effect.

We hope you like it and we are happy to help you preserve your treasures too. You will be welcome.

- The Quality Framing Company


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What can you give a Sailor who has everything ?

Duke of Kent and St Brendan the Navigator

From one sailor to another in a moment of acknowledgement & connection.

We framed a print of St. Brendan the Navigator which was presented by Fenit Lifeboat to The Duke of Kent when he visited last May.

The 81-year-old Royal, a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth, paid a visit to the county in his capacity as President of the RNLI.

- The Quality Framing Company


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How Mountslips add a touch of class to your Art?

mountslip gold

Making bespoke frames we choose from a wide palette of materials and techniques.

One of the most effective is the mountslip which we use around artwork or indeed photographs and memorabilia within a frame.

In B&W photos they are especially effective over either a silk black or a bright white mount.

In addition we like to use the embossed line known as a v-groove (as seen in photo).

The Quality Framing Company have a comprehensive range of mounts and slips to suit all kinds of artwork and photos.

We are happy to advise you.

- The Quality Framing Company

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How to present a winning team an unforgettable award ?

kerry u-15 hurlers

We framed this for the winning Kerry U-15 Munster Hurling Shield team of 2016.

It was an enhanced design- the team pic had a blue sky added, & the team pic was enhanced for contrast & colour.

The caption was designed by ourselves with the crest, graphic design, and of course a few corrections re names and clubs.

The mount incl a white-groove was compressed in composition & size bec we wanted to keep this presentation frame small, affordable and yet attractive to the young players.

We of course proof each framing design until all are happy with the details.

This custom frame has proven to be a winner and many other clubs have expressed interest in a similiar kind of presentation.

If your club members or team who have won important competitions give us a calll on 066 7181496, Matt Talbot Rd, Tralee in Kerry.

We courier to clubs so distance is not a problem.

- The Quality Framing Company

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Skelligs Print Display by Madeleine Maria Weber

A new Exhibit display of Madeleine Maria Weber's best known giclee prints of the Skelligs,

is now on at The Quality Framing Company, Matt Talbot Road in Tralee.

Picture shows Richard Cleary, Co-Propreitor & the Madeleine Maria Weber in our Matt Talbot showroom.

- The Quality Framing Company

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Why are 5 star Hotels particuliar about Bespoke Framing?

Dromoland Castle Bespoke Frames

When we were consulted and asked to create a particuliar "look" to show a client of a busy Interior Designer we knew we needed to source materials to make an exclusive framed piece of Décor.

After many meetings and sample designs the client choose this for their rooms,

Because these people know their clients too and are one of the best in Ireland in providing a top class service which is memorable.

Guests remember everything after a beautiful time away.

Even the décor.

- The Quality Framing Company

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For Gifts that matter...

These are our Geography of the heart gift frames.

These are popular for couples getting engaged and married.

For gifts that matter.

- The Quality Framing Company

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Large format Photo Collages For Schools

This was designed, printed & framed by us for Mounthawk Secondary School to mark their basketball trip to Boston in 2016.

It is a 60x40inch photo colage which captures all the high points of a memorable trip.

Milestone photographic statements like these confer great teacher-student comraderie and community in a school.

They remind. We can make it happen. Call 066 7181496.

- The Quality Framing Company


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