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Why are 5 star Hotels particuliar about Bespoke Framing?

Dromoland Castle Bespoke Frames

When we were consulted and asked to create a particuliar "look" to show a client of a busy Interior Designer we knew we needed to source materials to make an exclusive framed piece of Décor.

After many meetings and sample designs the client choose this for their rooms,

Because these people know their clients too and are one of the best in Ireland in providing a top class service which is memorable.

Guests remember everything after a beautiful time away.

Even the décor.

- The Quality Framing Company

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For Gifts that matter...

These are our Geography of the heart gift frames.

These are popular for couples getting engaged and married.

For gifts that matter.

- The Quality Framing Company

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How do you make family memories into beautiful wall decor ?

baby memorabilia frame

One way to do it is with a beautiful bespoke framing design.

Like for instance, our mummy & daddy, little pumpkin, santa's little helper, baby in red baby throws in our display pic.

Do you see the beautiful heart made up of the birth records ?

Every great bespoke framing project has a heart.

Call us on 066 718196 today to create your special decor for you.

- The Quality Framing Company

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