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What About Our art Catalogs ?

annija art

Here is Annija picking out art customised for colour size and mood.

Art lets the sun shine from your walls from a beauitiful bespoke frame.

A good picture is as warm as a fire on a cold night; it's as bright as a heatwave at the beach; its as quiet as a good day in the bog. The day is the frame there.


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minitiure watercolour

we used a thick lacquered white frame with a simple off-white mount which had a single line grooved or embossed around the watercolour. The artist was Ronnie Moore and we have framed many paintings by this acclaimed watercolourist over the years.

Every wall needs a bit of beauty. We don't really frame pictures but in a very real sense, we design pieces of house jewelry for your home. Jewels are by their nature beautiful to behold. They add character, class and personality to the space we live in. Thats what we do one frame at a time. Do come and see us in our work. You are welcome.

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Whats a Great Gift for a Golfer ?

golf frame hazeltine

one wife got this framed for her husband who attended the 2016 Ryder Cup in Hazeltine in the USA. This custom frame included all the great pics of the event and the souvenir programme and medallions and of course, the flag of the host country.


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How we make Holy Picture Frames to Last & look Beautiful !

bodhi frame

We framed this for a customer awhile ago and she was delighted. The elements within the frame incl a beautiful painting of a bodhi tree and prayer beads and a stone and a flower. The Om symbol or icon was cut into the mount and underlaid with an appropiate colour mount. The frame itself was deep and distressed in a laquer finish.

Nuala carefully arranged the elements and composed the overall design. The reason you see no reflection from the glass is because it is less than 1% reflective Clarity glass. This really is important to preserve maximum visibility and protect against UV radiation in natural sunlight which degrades open artwork over time. We thus framed to conservation standard for protection as well as designed for beauty.

We hope you like it and we are happy to help you preserve your treasures too. You will be welcome.


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komodo green

well, here's the new range from Larson Juhl called the Komodo Collection. It is also available in a striking red. This are availble from our site and of course, our showroom in Matt talbot Rd., Tralee. This is a high quality finished frame.


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Why Mountslips add a touch of class to your Art?

mountslip gold

we make picture frames all the time and its not every picture that is enhanced by the judicious use of a mountslip but when they are appropiate they do add to artwork or indeed photographs within a frame. In B&W photos they are especially effective over either a silk black or a bright white mount. Also we like to use the line known as a v=groove. This is always a nice visual counterpoint to the slip.  The Quality Framing Company have a comprehensive range of mounts and slips to suit all kinds of artwork and photos.

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kerry hurling team u-15

We framed this for the winning Kerry U-15 Munster Hurling Shield team of 2016. It was a deliberate design- the team pic had a blue sky added, & the team pic was enhanced for contrast & colour. The caption was designed by ourselves with the crest, graphic design, and of course a few corrections re names and clubs. The mount incl a white-groove was compressed in composition bec we wanted to keep this presentation frame small, affordable and attractive to the young players. We of course proof each framing design until all are happy with the details. This custom frame has proven to be a winner and many other clubs have expressed interest in a similiar kind of presentation to their club members who have won important competitions. Give us a calll on 066 7181496, Matt Talbot Rd, Tralee in Kerry. We courier to many clubs so distance is not a problem......

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Why are Farmers So Important to Ireland?

farmers creed

Just read and see in this 12"x8" sized print of this powerful poem which sings the praises of a life on the land. Framed in a black frame with a blue mount (mounts & frame can be changed to suit).Picture courtesy of Neil Tackaberry.

Words as follows-

The Farmer’s Creed

I believe a person’s greatest possession is their dignity and that no 
calling bestows this more abundantly than farming.

I believe hard work and honest sweat are the building blocks of a person’s

I believe that farming, despite its hardships and disappointments, is the
most honest and honorable way a person can spend their days on this earth. 

I believe farming provides education for life and that no other occupation
teaches so much about birth, growth and maturity in such a variety of ways.

I believe many of the best things in life are free:  the splendor of a
sunrise; the rapture of wide-open spaces; the exhilarating sight of your
land greening each spring. 

I believe true happiness comes from watching your crops ripen in the field
and your children grow tall in the sun.

I believe my life will be measured ultimately by what I have done for my
fellow man. 

I believe in farming because it makes all this possible.

— Author Unknown

The Quality Framing Company

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For Gifts that matter...

THE MAP THAT IS THE HEART- whoever you love we frame. We design funky frames for funky couples and crazy-in-love frames for crazy-in-love couples. For total mismatch couples & football-mad couples, for everyone, we can frame. Give us a call on 066 7181496 or call into our showroom in Matt Talbot Road, in Tralee. For gifts that matter.....

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Large format Photo Collages For Schools

school collage

MERCY MOUNTHAWK 60"X40" SCHOOL COLLAGE- designed, printed & framed by us for their basketball trip to Boston in 2016. Every school is a community who celebrate and remember all their achievements & all the good times together with photos and frames. We make it happen. Call 066 7181496.

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Lets frame the Lads !

liebherr frame

LIEBHERR ALL IRELAND INTERFIRM CHAMPIONS 2016- the team, the colours, the cup never to be forgotten. Every business and company needs to frame the lads.....

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Where's the Pipe ?

framed pipe

WHERE IS THE PIPE- its with the lighter and it is now in a frame with your photo. And its on the mantlepiece. We make gifts of the best of your memories. And we 're in Matt Talbot Road, Tralee, near Gleasures.....

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Can you frame a miracle ?

a commissioned piece we completed for a client recently. This involved the design of the poem including calligraphic fonts and picture of grouse, photo editing, mount design, frame selection within a given specified size and courier delivery. Our client was pleased with the finished design. We make the best of your gift ideas.

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Dublin & Kerry Semi-Final Pairing

dublin and kerry football jerseys framed


Con Houlihan put it best after writing about the '76 semi-final between these two great rivals.

That is why we put the words of that famous sports journalist the '&' sign between the jerseys.

Commissioned by the GAA in 2015 this framed piece quickly sold.

See you in Croke Park for the game.

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Looking for Elegant Wedding Framing ?

elegant wedding framing

Some things are worth waiting for.

We offer unique framing combinations for couples.

The inner gold scalloped frame is french and is handpainted.

Elegant wedding framing is a place of sharing.

Great wedding photography coupled with beautiful frames make for a special place in a new home.


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with less than 1% reflection and high UV protection this quality glass looks fantastic on Anne Kissane's beautiful sepia portrait of her grandmother.

When its an heirloom or your photo or art piece is a one off it is good to frame for the long period. This will require clarity glass.

Google us or call 066 7181496.....

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Payne Stewart Looking Good

payne stewart golf frame

here Tom Murphy is holding a painting of the late golfer and friend of many in Waterville with Nuala in the framing showroom.

It was wonderful to hear Tom speak of Payne and remember this enjoyable man.

We framed this marvellous portrait in a concave large off-white frame as deep as a bunker on a tough links course that has character and always will.

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